Creative Styling Ideas

Whether you’re at home in the garden, or on the beach this Summer, it’s such fun to create a Summer table heaving with patterns, plants, fresh flowers and a rich mix of textures. Here we’ve chosen just a few of our current favourite products from our collections which we think will add the perfect finishing touches to your Summer table:

  1. Lassi Cups

    Vintage Rajasthani Cups: from £22.00. Made for bunches of fresh summer flowers

    These vintage gems, once used for sipping the traditional Indian yoghurt drink, were found across the markets of Rajasthan. Etched with elaborate patterns, these brass and silver vessels  look stunning individually and beautiful grouped together. Display down the centre of your table, filled with sweet peas and cornflowers for a perfect colourful Summer touch.

  2. Table Linen

    Hand block printed napkins: made to mix and match: £20 per set of 4

    Our tablecloths and napkins are all hand block printed in Jaipur and the vibrant colours and intricate designs are made to mix and match. Create a fresh look by mixing patterns with plain linens too. Bright plain coloured linen napkins from your own collection will  sit beautifully alongside these traditional Rajasthani designs.

  3. Candlelight

    Standing Star Lanterns add gentle candlelight and are so pretty when dining outdoors: from £29.95

    It’s simply always better by candlelight! and candles, however displayed, create the perfect intimate mood. We love an eclectic mix of candlesticks and different shaped lanterns down the centre of the table to create a unique individual style. These standing star lanterns in brass and glass are a fabulous addition to any table and it really doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a modern or more traditional look. They’re equally at home in both!

  4. Colourful Tableware

    Colourful ramekins: £12.50 each. Perfect for nibbles, dipping sauces and small puds

    From small ramekins to large salad bowls and platters, our bold, hand painted ceramics will add a wonderful splash of colour to any table. And whatever shape or colour you chose, these pieces always sit beautifully together.

  5. Glass Tea Sets

    Assam Tea Sets: perfect for tea, fresh fruit cordials and of course chilled rosé! £34.95 at ibbi

    We love these tea sets, made in Rajasthan: the perfect accessory we think for your dining table. Ideal on Sunday evenings when you’re enjoying lazy drinks and supper with friends. Absolutely perfect for fresh elderflower cordial or a glass of well deserved chilled rosé after a hard day’s work in the garden!

    Have a fabulous, colourful Summer!



Celebrating The Start Of Summer





Today officially marks the start of Summer: a great time to refresh and add some colour to your home. So if you’re searching for seasonal accessories to brighten your outdoor or indoor space then hunt no more: our collection of hand block printed homewares will have you dreaming of long lazy, hazy Summer days and they’re perfect for adding a touch of hand crafted beauty to any interior. Mixing and matching block print with textiles of different colours and textures creates an individual, relaxed style. Our block printed products are created for us in Jaipur using traditional block printing techniques (as tried and tested by ibbi co-founders Eliza and Anna on their travels through Rajasthan earlier this year!)  If you love our table linen, quilts and home accessories then we thought you might like to see a little about how they are made:

ibbi co-founder Eliza: block printing in Jaipur

And ibbi co-founder Anna block printing too!


The process of block printing has been practiced in Rajasthan for over 500 years, introduced by the Chhipa community from the village of Bagru, an area now famous for its vegetable dye block printing. The physical Sheesham wooden blocks are meticulously carved by hand, with each colour in the design carved in a separate block. The outline block or the ‘rekh’ is usually the most intricate. Once the colours have been chosen and have been poured in to wooden trays, the process of stamping the pattern on to the stretched cotton fabric begins. Each colour pattern is stamped on to the fabric individually by the Printing Master and the tiny irregularities, the subtle gaps or overlaps are a beautiful reminder of the intricate process of creating this iconic product. The block printing villages are renowned for the rhythmic ‘tock-tock’ sound of the wood blocks stamping patterns on to fabric. A wonderful reminder to all visitors of the significance of this stunning artisan work.

Sheesham wood blocks


Our block printed napkins have arrived!


ibbi Block printed accessories: all made in Jaipur and available at

Our thanks to Mehera Shaw for additional information.


Life’s Simple Pleasures..

dodo blog 1At ibbi we love life’s simple pleasures and can’t help embracing the quirky. So when we spotted these metal flamingo watering cans in Rajasthan we couldn’t resist them. Yes. We’ve told you about them before.. but it’s summer and what better way to spend a few moments of your day than pottering on your patio, drenching your dalhias, dousing your delphiniums and soaking your sweet peas!

There are fish watering cans available in fabulous tropical colours too!

Whacky watering cans: £14.50 plus p&p. At



Simple But True: It Always Looks Better By Candlelight!

ibbi100 candle for blog 2Simple but true: everything look better by candlelight! Whatever the temperature this summer, whether you’re dining on the beach, in the garden or round the kitchen table, our ibbi 100 candles clustered in the centre of your table will add lots of lovely gentle light and bags of simple style. The candles are still available at just £3.50 and all profits from this product go straight to the Magic Bus charity (supporting some of India’s poorest slum children from childhood to livelihood). You’ll also be supporting the fabulous work of the Asha Niketan ‘Home of Hope’ in West Bengal where the candles are made. The candles sit in simple hand made terracotta pots and are either unscented or Indian Basil scented. ibbi 100 candles: £3.50 plus p&p: available at

Travel, ibbi Style..

rickshaw 2The moment summer arrives and the weather warms up, isn’t it great to be outdoors? There’s nothing quite like finding a free day to grab your friends, your kids, a couple of throws, a pile of cushions and a basket of delicious picnic goodies and head off to the beach, the river or the park for a little al fresco dining and some long overdue hours of outdoor fun. And the ultimate stylish transport as you set off to relax and enjoy the great outdoors for the day? What better than a vintage cycle rickshaw straight from the streets of Jaipur! Our ibbi rickshaws are the real McCoy and have have been meticulously restored in the UK using genuine Indian bicycle parts . All have retractable canopies and new ash canopy frames. It’s a great workout (who wants to be in the gym in the summer anyway?) but if the thought of exercise doesn’t appeal, our rickshaws look equally gorgeous (if you’ve the space) parked in your conservatory or hallway. Cover with pots of brightly coloured geraniums for a splash of extra colour. They’re ideal for weddings too!

Our rickshaws start at £1,250 plus delivery. Each one unique. Do get in touch at if you’d like to hear more.

Available at

rickshaw heavy duty




When Big, Bold And Fluffy Really Works..

IMG_4699Big, bold and fluffy may not work when it comes to slippers (major tripping hazard ) and dogs (nightmare to detangle and keep clean) but when it comes to our Ashley Pom Pom Key rings, big bold and fluffy is a simple sensation! It’s a well known fact that keys have a life of their own and for some inexplicable reason insist (particularly when you’re short of time) on hiding. But the Ashley Pom Pom key rings are big, bright, fantastically fluffy and oh so easy to find (however hard they try to hide). So save yourself yourself lots of time and lots of unnecessary stress. The Pom Poms come in 9 great colours so you can even chose a different colour for each member of your family! They’re available in red, pink, purple, turquoise, teal, slate, claret, black and emerald green.

Ashley Pom Pom Key rings: £8.50 plus p&p at




Fabulous Frazada and super soft kantha: Al fresco dining ibbi style

Fabulous frazadas, available at

The Fabulous Frazada: available at

School’s out and it’s time to get outdoors! And whether you’re beach bound or simply relaxing at home, there’s nothing quite like throwing down a rug and enjoying an impromptu picnic with family and friends. Why not have a look at our frazadas: versatile and vintage, these handwoven textiles, created in the Andes using llama wool and natural pigments, make perfect picnic rugs and the most super stylish of throws on sofas and beds too. Vibrant and full of cultural charm, our hand picked throws have a timeless appeal and each is unique. Our softest vintage Indian kanthas make fabulous picnic rugs too. Check out our latest collections: they’re changing all the time.

And what to eat at your picnic? Try a summer favourite: chop up and roast butternut squash, onions, courgettes and peppers in olive oil. Add a little truffle salt if you have it and black pepper too. Before serving add cooked quinoa and wild rice, some feta, broccoli, fresh coriander, mint and avocado. And finish with a good squeeze of fresh lime. Simple and scrummy.

Have a very happy, very delicious summer!

Vintage kantha: £110. Frazada from £220, all available at



Up, up and away!

Anna's washbag shot CappersIf you’re airport bound you’ll be needing these! Get ready to go with our fabulous Indian cotton bags. Make up and wash bags are perfect for all manner of accessories and beauty essentials (under 100mls of course) and beach totes have oodles of room for all your essential carry on kit. Striking stylish designs and great Summer ready colours too.

From £8.50 at

Spring with a Zing: Sam’s Icy Homemade Lemonade





How incredible is this Spring! It’s April, the sun is shining and day after day our streets and parks are heaving with people revealing bare knees and bare shoulders and constantly commenting on the fact that it’s simply TOO hot. Even here at ibbi HQ in the far North of England, temperatures are soaring and the other day, in need of ideas for delicious ice cold refreshment I chatted with our own local culinary genius, Eliza’s fabulous 15 year old son, Sam. Sam is an incredibly talented young baker who can effortlessly throw together seasonal ingredients and locally grown produce to create all manner of mouthwatering goodies. Here’s Sam’s Icy Homemade Lemonade recipe and we say it’s the perfect treat at the end of a long, hot day. It uses an ice cream maker and if you don’t own one then we’d suggest you either beg or borrow one as this recipe is to DIE for. The lemonade tastes and looks best when poured in to empty jars and served with a few chunks of fresh lime, fresh mint, lemon basil or even a tiny hint of fresh ginger. Should be consumed outside and sucked through a straw. Feet up, guzzle and enjoy!

Sam’s Icy Homemade Lemonade

2 or 3 unwaxed lemons

140 gms sugar

1 litre cold water

fresh mint/lime/lemon basil/ ginger

Place the sugar into a blender and pulse 3 to 4 times on the high setting

Remove the top and bottom of the lemons then chop the lemons in to quarters and place into the blender with the sugar and half of the cold water. Blend on high until the lemon is fully chopped

Strain the lemonade mixture through a sieve into a bowl and add the remaining water

Chill in the fridge for a good 2 hours (or preferably overnight)

With the gelato paddle fitted, pour the chilled lemonade into your ice cream maker and set the timer for 30 minutes. The lemonade’s ready when ice crystals start to form

Serve immediately with a sprig of mint. Equally delicious with a little lemon basil, a hint fresh ginger or a chunk of fresh lime


Mmm..lemons..looking pretty in hand painted ceramic bowl from ibbi £25

pretty in hand painted ceramic bowl from ibbi £25