So When it Comes To Patterns…

We had such fun at our photo shoot last week (the spectacular autumnal sunshine couldn’t have arrived at a better time!) after our gorgeous, timeless four poster beds and our new vintage kantha collections arrived at ibbi HQ.  And as the block printed quilts, kantha throws and softest kantha bolsters and cushions were casually piled and strewn and draped across the bed, we suddenly realised that when it comes to patterns,  you can simply never have enough! Our kantha throws and kantha accessories all have very different characters: some delicate, some bold. But all are beautiful and made with the utmost care: it’s good sometimes to add a splash of something unique to your home.

Kanthas available now at http://www.ibbidirect.co.uk


Simple But True: It Always Looks Better By Candlelight!

ibbi100 candle for blog 2Simple but true: everything look better by candlelight! Whatever the temperature this summer, whether you’re dining on the beach, in the garden or round the kitchen table, our ibbi 100 candles clustered in the centre of your table will add lots of lovely gentle light and bags of simple style. The candles are still available at just £3.50 and all profits from this product go straight to the Magic Bus charity (supporting some of India’s poorest slum children from childhood to livelihood). You’ll also be supporting the fabulous work of the Asha Niketan ‘Home of Hope’ in West Bengal where the candles are made. The candles sit in simple hand made terracotta pots and are either unscented or Indian Basil scented. ibbi 100 candles: £3.50 plus p&p: available at http://www.ibbidirect.co.uk

the ibbi 100 update: love is in the air


IMG_6963Let’s face it: it’s not often you can add romance to your life for £2.50 but this month our ibbi 100 product can help you do just that! Put the kids to bed,  put the dog to bed , put the cat out, put some old fashioned romantic Henry Mancini on and settle down to a simple peaceful candlelit supper. An ibbi 100 candle is just £2.50 and when you buy this product you’ll not only have a romantic night but you’ll also be supporting the fantastic work of the Asha Niketan ‘Home of Hope’ where the candles are made. The candles sit in simple terracotta pots and come either unscented or Indian Basil scented. All profits from this product go to support the work of the spectacular Magic Bus charity in India.

Available now at http://www.ibbidirect.co.uk £2.50 plus p&p


ibbi introduces you to: Mrs Sagarika Das

Mrs Das and her talented team

Mrs Das (2nd from right) and some of her magnificent team pictured here next to Rita (far right). 

In lush green peaceful countryside several hours South of Kolkata lives the wonderful Mrs Sagarika Das. She is responsible for the talented team of ladies in her village who hand stitch our ibbi throws and beautifully embroidered one-off pieces. Accompanied by Rita (representative of our favourite fair trade organisation in Kolkata), we visit Mrs Das and her team regularly on our trips to India and after talking through the designs and colours of our new home accessories, we always look forward to a spectacular lunch which we all enjoy together on the rooftop of her home. Here on the cool rooftop is where the ladies will sew for 4 or 5 hours together each day, before they leave to pick up their children from school. They will then continue to sew in their own homes in the evenings. Being part of a fair trade organisation allows these talented women to stay in their village and Mrs Das always tells us how their fine textile work has boosted their confidence and given them all such a sense of pride. If you’ve seen our throws you’ll know how immaculate their work is. Our new collections of throws will be arriving later this month. Do look out for them!


Village life: home to Mrs Das and her team

Village life: home to Mrs Das and her team

ibbi and Magic Bus: today’s news from Parvati Pujari


Parvati Pujari: an inspiration to us all

Huge congratulations to the wonderfully dedicated and highly motivated Parvati Pujari (introduced in our ibbi blog April 12) who works tirelessly as a training officer with our favourite charity Magic Bus in Mumbai. Today we had an email from her saying she’s been chosen to attend the ‘United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace Youth Leadership Masters Programme’ (snappy!) which happens in Florida this Summer. Parvati, the daughter of unskilled construction workers, attended Magic Bus sessions from the age of nine. The sessions gave her the necessary confidence to exercise choice and resist the pressure from her parents to marry young. She went on to gain a bachelors degree in commerce. She’s a passionate advocate for sport as a development tool and recognises the importance of engaging adolescent girls. She’s an inspiration to us all.

Please remember our ibbi 100 product this month, our hand painted ceramic ramekins (£11 each and every one unique). All profits from the sale of these little gems goes to support the work of Magic Bus in India. Our ramekins are great for all sorts: olive oil, nuts, seeds, puds, trinkets, keys and sweet treats. Perfect pressies. Dishwasher safe. Glorious colours too!

Magic Bus Mumbai: the charity steers children towards a better life with better life skills, better awareness and better opportunities.

Magic Bus Mumbai: the charity steers children towards a better life with better life skills, better awareness and better opportunities.