Month: August 2016

Why We Love Hand Painted Ceramics: Our Favourite World Tableware

unspecified-488There’s something utterly beautiful we think, about our hand crafted ceramic tableware. Each bowl, platter, jug and cup is painted by hand, a labour of love, every single last piece entirely unique. And the creative process behind these beauties, and all the jargon involved, is really wonderful too. So just in case you’re interested in all the jiggering, fettling and sponging that goes in to making our World Tableware we thought we’d outline the creative process. Read on!

The ceramics are all made in South Africa, either by slipcasting (water and powder mixed to make liquid clay which is then poured in to a mould) or jiggering (traditional steel tools pressing clay against a mould that gives form to the outside of the piece). The ceramics are then fettled (to remove rough slipcast seams), sponged (to improve the application of colour), painted (with underglazes and the top 3D colour pattern), bisqued (fired at 900 degrees in the kiln), glazed (removed from the kiln, brushed to remove dust and dipped in transparent glaze to create the final top coat sheen), re-fired (at 1170 degrees over a 3 day period) and finally finished, checked and packaged ┬áto us at ibbi HQ in Northumberland in the UK. So if you’re looking for a perfect tableware set which oozes stylish design and colour, look no further! The pieces are made to mix and match too.

There’s a pdf attached below outlining the creative process of our ceramics which might be interesting if you’re thinking of buying a piece or two as a gift.

Sorry it’s been a while! It’s great to be back blogging.


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