Month: August 2015

Ban The Beige! Hand Block Printed Quilts: Start The Autumn Term With Style

IMG_8186If you’re looking to get ready for the new university or school term, we have a fabulous collection of super soft hand block printed quilts which are perfect for all stylish sleep places. Smart and soft hues, the softest cotton and intricate hand block printing. Ban the beige. This is beautiful bedding!

Available at from £85 plus p&p

Coming Soon..The Exquisite Mo Dowry Bag Cushion Collection

A thing of beauty: vintage hand embroidered dowry bags, found in Rajasthan and used to create ibbi's new collection of Mo Cushions, available at very soon. Keep an eye on the website.

A thing of beauty: vintage hand embroidered dowry bags, found in Rajasthan and used to create ibbi’s new collection of Mo Cushions, available at very soon. Keep an eye on the website.

Whilst searching through the heaving markets of Rajasthan this year, we found the most exquisite discarded dowry bags. Bursting with rich texture and colour, each was unique, heavily embroidered and a thing of absolute beauty. We couldn’t resist them and our vintage collection of Mo Dowry Bag Cushions will be available at very soon. Keep an eye on the website.



Relaxing This Weekend..With Our Delicious Sweet Treats

IMG_8064How to relax this weekend? We agree. Keep it simple. Read the papers, potter in the garden, enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass and spend time with family and friends. And food? Well isn’t quick and delicious always the way and this weekend why not spoil yourself with a simple throw-together sweet treat, straight from our favourite Northumbrian cook Jane Lovett. Jane’s Creamy White Chocolate Pots can be created in seconds and they’re pictured here in our gorgeous ibbi hand painted ramekins. Read on and enjoy..

Creamy White Chocolate Pots (Serves 6)

7 oz best quality white chocolate

7 oz creme fraîche

7 oz Greek yoghurt

blueberries, redcurrants, raspberries or strawberries

icing sugar to decorate

The Making:

Break the chocolate in to a mixing bowl. Suspend it over a saucepan of hot water until melted. Don’t let the bottom of the bowl come in to contact with the water.

Stir the creme fraîche in to the chocolate, followed by the yoghurt and mix together until smooth.

Spoon in to ramekins, cover and leave to set in the fridge for 4 hours (or overnight).

Just before serving, top with fruit and dust with icing sugar. Drizzled honey is scrummy too.


ibbi hand painted ramekins: £11 each plus p&p at

Jane Lovett’s brilliant book ‘Make It Easy’ will be available again in November. Pre-order (and we strongly recommend you do!) from September at Price: £12.99 plus p&p





The Best Espresso

espresso cups for blog 2So first the good news: it’s summer. A time to relax a little and enjoy the sunshine. Kick off your shoes, feel the grass beneath your feet and take a good gulp of that glorious British summer air. Now the bad news: when your holiday’s over, it’s back to those early starts and the shock of having to be alert again at sunrise. So if , like us, you feel a large espresso is the only way to successfully peel back the eyelids first thing in the morning, you might like to have a quick browse at our beautiful hand painted espresso cups.  They’re from our favourite South African pottery and each unique piece is a hand crafted work of art. Just perfect for that first essential espresso. It’s definitely a very beautiful, very delicate and utterly delicious way to start your day.

The Bok Espresso Cup Range: available at £24 each plus p&p.















Hand Crafted, Hand Painted, Unusual, Unique ..It’s What We’re About

pottersworkshop blog franklin tamanaYou know how much at ibbi we love the hand crafted, the unique, the unusual and the eclectic. And there’s nothing we love more than our ceramic collections from South Africa. Inspired by the spectacular surrounding birdlife and vibrant indigenous flora of Cape Town, our favourite pottery there is constantly creating new hand painted collections for us. The ceramic pieces, bursting with texture and colour are created by a skilled team of artists, each with their own very individual style. We’d like to introduce you to Franklin Tamana, pictured here, whose turquoise Tembise pudding bowls have been flying off the ibbi shelves this summer.

New collections are arriving regularly. Check them out at

Hand painted ceramics: from £11 plus p&p

Life’s Simple Pleasures..

dodo blog 1At ibbi we love life’s simple pleasures and can’t help embracing the quirky. So when we spotted these metal flamingo watering cans in Rajasthan we couldn’t resist them. Yes. We’ve told you about them before.. but it’s summer and what better way to spend a few moments of your day than pottering on your patio, drenching your dalhias, dousing your delphiniums and soaking your sweet peas!

There are fish watering cans available in fabulous tropical colours too!

Whacky watering cans: £14.50 plus p&p. At



21st Century Linen Never Looked So Good!

blog cushion 1We all have times when we tire of our biscuit, beige and bland interiors. So why not transform your chairs and style up your sofas  by adding a splash of contemporary colour? Our Kempley linen cushions in gorgeous 100% linen have been a huge hit this summer. They’re bold and bright and just what your some-sort-of-shade-of-bisque sofa is crying out for. These cushions are great indoors and fabulous when you’re dining outdoors too. And of course the joy of linen is that the more you use it and wash it, the more lived in and stylish it becomes.

Kempley cushions: 50cm x 50cm. £30 plus p&p. Available at

blog cushion 2