When Big, Bold And Fluffy Really Works..

IMG_4699Big, bold and fluffy may not work when it comes to slippers (major tripping hazard ) and dogs (nightmare to detangle and keep clean) but when it comes to our Ashley Pom Pom Key rings, big bold and fluffy is a simple sensation! It’s a well known fact that keys have a life of their own and for some inexplicable reason insist (particularly when you’re short of time) on hiding. But the Ashley Pom Pom key rings are big, bright, fantastically fluffy and oh so easy to find (however hard they try to hide). So save yourself yourself lots of time and lots of unnecessary stress. The Pom Poms come in 9 great colours so you can even chose a different colour for each member of your family! They’re available in red, pink, purple, turquoise, teal, slate, claret, black and emerald green.

Ashley Pom Pom Key rings: £8.50 plus p&p at http://www.ibbidirect.co.uk





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