Interiors: Getting Your Light Right

POOKY lamps

Lighting. Tricky. No question. Too much and your perfectly beautiful room loses all warmth and personality. Too little and you could easily end up in A&E thanks to that stray footstool you didn’t spot lurking in the shadows.

So what a relief to recently discover Pooky, purveyors of super stylish, interesting and eye catching lamp bases and shades. Whether you’re looking for a classic or more contemporary feel, their lamps are great for creating warm atmospheric glows in any room and you can mix and match their stylish shades and bases to your heart’s content.

Semi translucent shades provide perfect ambient light; the opaque create interesting decorative features. Pooky suggest lamps balance well when the shade is half an inch or so wider than its base on both sides and the diameter of the shade is about two thirds of the height of the base to the bulb. We’ve tried and tested a number of Pooky product combos and we’d suggest anything goes! Their solid Verona table lamp looks spectacular with the bright red silk shade and the tall slim Luty with pale hand block printed shade makes a perfect bedside feature.

Check out their latest range, guaranteed to brighten your living space..and your mood



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