ibbi loves: St Paul de Vence and ibbi’s Delicious Hummus

It is idyllic and unpretentious: the magnificent medieval St Paul de Vence is one of the oldest hilltop towns in South Eastern France.  Whatever your preference: traditional, modern, naive or contemporary, you’ll love this dynamic artistic hub where the sculptures and paintings of heavyweights such as Chagall and Folon sit along side those locally based artists.  We love the gallery of UK born artist Paul Rafferty and you can see his paintings at the Portland Gallery in London too.



Brilliantly coloured roof top tiles and vibrant lime spring creepers clinging to the town’s ancient walls all serve as inspiration for our summer homeware collection.



We at ibbi are, it has to be said, unashamedly lovers of all things olive and we think the spectacular Boutique Premiere Pression Provence  on the narrow rue Grande, is simply a haven.  Fruity, green, ripe or black, the selection of mouth-watering olive oils, pestos, pates and tapenades is second to none.  We’ve used the Premier Recolte oil to make ibbi hummus.  If you’re not travelling to France in the near future, then order some of the fabulous oils at http://www.ppp-olive.com


Boutique Premiere Pression Provence


Imageibbi’s Hummus Recipe  (makes 1 bowl)

1 1/2 x 400g tins of soaked chickpeas

75ml of delicious olive oil (Premiere Pression Provence!)

small handful basil and parsley

The juice of 1 1/2 lemons

1 tsp cumin

1 clove crushed garlic

A pinch of paprika

3 tsp tahini

6 tablespoons water (or greek yoghurt is good too)

Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend until the hummus is smooth.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  its so good and fresh and is so much yummier than supermarket hummus!












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